It’s been almost exactly a year since I participated in a team game jam which we entered as ‘team Kuchalu’. It was a fun and awesome experience that over the course of the months that followed culminated in the formation of a UK based indie dev start up (albeit a tiny one!) releasing an iOS game and our first Steam title.

Kuchalu’s next major project is going to be Tomorrow’s Arrival. The game (which is still in it’s early stages) is a first-person resource simulator integrated with sandbox gameplay elements. The player must build and develop a custom station by collecting drops sent from Earth containing parts such as oxygen tanks, solar panels, generators, structural extenders and more; all designed to enable the player to survive, with the ultimate objective being to create a fully autonomous and self-sufficient environment for a human colony – a final attempt to save humanity from a dying Earth.

We got Greenlit in just 12 days this time which is obviously great news! The majority of my contributions will again be in the form of writing the soundtrack (though I will also try my hand at writing some of the game’s narrative/dialogue too). It’s certainly the most ambitious project we have made to date and for that reason it’s got a significantly longer development schedule than anything we have worked on before (like Into Blue Valley, my brother is the sole developer this time so has one hell of task ahead of him!).

I’m really excited to begin working on the soundtrack. I will undoubtably be using EastWest libraries such as Stormdrum 2 which has some fantastic electronic, glitchy sounding percussion sounds (some of which can be heard in the trailer music below). Mixing those sounds with choir, orchestral and piano libraries makes for some really interesting sounds which I’m going to incorporate together to make a varied and rich soundtrack. Watch this space for updates on how the soundtrack is progressing in the months to come!

Some music used in the Steam Greenlight trailer is below – enjoy!