It’s been almost 6 months since my last blog post so I wanted to write a quick summary on my year so far and what’s going on with me in the upcoming months; not because of the waves of people online demanding to know what I’m up to, but more just writing it as a kind of mental cleansing exercise for myself. Hopefully I won’t fall into the pitfall of starting to just write and write (well intentioned) posts about my creative endeavors instead of actually just doing them!

The big thing personally this year is that I got married! It was the best day of my life and I was really glad to be able to create original music for my wife Lucy to walk down the aisle to. Had the most awesome honeymoon in the Maldives and took (quite literally) hundreds of videos on my phone, GoPro and GH4. I’m hoping that I have enough footage of sunsets, vistas, underwater snorkeling along reefs and various crustacean creatures to use in a couple of short films and/or music-accompanying videos. I also managed to film a dream sequence (of sorts) for a little short film I’m working on featuring the happy chap in the picture below. That particular short film has more of a narrative than I have worked on previously so I’m looking forwarding to working on that over the next few weeks!


I’m also really excited to be working on a number of video game sountracks both with Kuchalu as well as other independent game developers. Watch this space for more info as these progress.

Tomorrow’s Arrival (our dev team Kuchalu’s sci-fi resource management game) is still in progress; it’s been about a year since my update on the game below and since then the scope of the game has been expanded, the aesthetic has developed, the team has grown considerably and our timelines for development have grown accordingly too so that we have a solid amount of time for us all to do the best job we can do. In addition to writing the soundtrack I’m also working on writing the dialogue and narrative elements of the game too. Really exciting stuff!

Aside from everything above I am also continuing to dedicate time to work on short film screenplays alongside my first feature spec script. I’ve been working on the feature spec for just under a year and I’m hoping to have a first draft ready in the next couple of months.

So there we are – that’s what I’m up to for now! Short films, video game soundtracks and screenplays. Hoping 2016 is going to continue to be an enjoyable and productive year. Thanks for reading!