Satellites & Gambits


I recently released an album of piano music on streaming services. I wrote these over a number of months, some of them initially starting off life intended for other projects and some purely just to write something original to be listened to. I eventually had a collection of pieces that all had a consistent, relaxing piano vibe that I thought would make great background music whilst studying/working/relaxing etc. I named them Satellites for this reason (things revolving around something larger) and thought that naming each track after Neptunian moons would suit their space-like vibe.

The album is available to listen to in a number of different ways, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Music.

If you get a chance to listen, hope you enjoy!

A week ago some friends and I participated in the 48 Hour Film Project London for a second year in a row! There were five of us in the team this year and we entered as team "InkyDink", having to write, shoot, edit, colour grade and score a short film in 48 hours (including the mad dash into London to physically submit the film). As with last year there were pre-requisites of what had to be in the submitted film. This year they were:

– A Prop (Sticky Tape)
– A Character (David/Dorothy Cunningham, a Scientist)
– A Line (“What do you think I should do?”)

We used our collective experiences from last year's entry and set to work on a rough outline, script and shot list which we used throughout the day, building in enough slack that we could add in shots on the fly if we thought they were fun and added to the story. We went silly with the tone of the film this year; no doubt exacerbated by the fact that we ended up staying awake for 43 of the 48 hours. I'd be lying if I said I was entirely cognisant by the time I went to sleep on the Sunday night!

Here's a couple of photos from the event. I can't take credit for the first three of these - they were taken by other members of our team:


Overall it was an awesome, sleep-deprived giggle fest and the weekend no doubt spawned some quotable in-jokes for years to come. The film is above to watch. Hope you enjoy!

Matt Javanshir