London 48HFP – “3.5mm”

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I participated in a 48 hour film competition (the London 48 hour film project) where we had to write, film, edit and score a short film (between 4 and 7 minutes long) and physically submit it in just 48 hours! Each of the teams were given two genres which we could choose from (ours was Drama or ‘Animal film’) – we decided to go with drama. There were also some prerequisites that every team had to include, these were:

– A Prop (Headphones)
– A Character (Henry/Helen Flemming, a Connoisseur)
– A Line (“Don’t feel that you have to reply”)

Even with a cast of 3 and crew of 5 it was an incredibly challenging 48 hours but an immense learning experience. For the music, half of it was scored because we had filmed a second of footage and the remainder was scored during the editing process. We managed to hand it in on time with 33 minutes to spare! All of the films had a screening in a cinema in central London along with the other entries and it was really awesome to see the fruits of our manic and sleepless weekend on the big screen. At the awards ceremony we were given the award for “best use of prop” and also nominated for “best sound” which was awesome!

All in all we were really pleased with what we managed to put together in such a short space of time and I’m sure the next time we try something like this we can use all the lessons learned to submit something even more ambitious!

The film is available to watch on YouTube now – check it out!

Matt Javanshir