Smash Bros. Love - Retrospect

Super Smash Bros. is my favourite video game series for a number of reasons.

At the forefront of it all is the love I have for the series being intrinsically linked to the people I play it with. The anticipation of a new Smash Bros. game and the nostalgia I get from playing past and present games with the people closest to me remains my most prolonged and cherished video game experience to date. When I think of an individual Smash Bros. game on it’s own it reminds me of different parts of my life so far. The Nintendo 64 version harkens back to my childhood; I was just twelve when the original came out and I can remember playing it intently with my brother and friends. Both Melee and Brawl were a staple of spending time with my friends in my teenage years (the latter being the cornerstone of a University Computer Games Society where I met some of my best friends). Now that I commute daily it feels fitting that the latest iteration is on a heldheld device.

Sentimentality aside, I am also continuously amazed by the sheer volume and quality of content that each instalment brings. Every new release seems to transcend the one that has gone before. The music in particular leaves me in awe every time; a staggeringly large number of original arrangements of some of the most recognisable themes (by so many great industry composers) that encapsulates the beauty and wonder that I have come to associate with Nintendo games.

So here is a small token of my love and appreciation for Smash Bros. in the form of a chiptune remix. It’s more or less a fanboy-fuelled arrangement that highlights a selection of some iconic Nintendo themes (including the Pokemon theme song melody!) in a simple, clean, happy-go-lucky chiptune aesthetic centered around the opening melody of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl menu music. Aside from the actual melodies being arranged there is a homemade sound effect of ‘excellent’ from the WarioWare game series thrown in for good measure as well as a brief nod to the DK Jungle Japes drums. Thanks for listening!

Matt Javanshir