Tea Time

I made another short film!

Well, this one I technically filmed back in August before Writer’s Block and I spent the weeks following on the post production. I wanted to make something where I could continue to practice lighting, angles, editing, scoring et al and also make something entertaining to watch too. For practical reason I set it in my home (the next one I make I may actually venture outside!) and made it about something which on the surface is a bit mundane but something that people love talking about (especially in the UK) – making a cup of tea  Having recently become aquainted (and enamoured) with the works of Charlie Chaplin, Tea Time is inspired by the silent film era of the early 20th century.

The person in the film is my brother Ryan, who did a great job and was very patient whilst I filmed the various angles of the copious amounts of tea that we made (and initially drank a lot of before we made ourselves sick of it). The filming took up a whole afternoon which whittled down to just under 2 mins running time for the finished film itself. Hope you enjoy!

Matt Javanshir