The Life & Times of Robert Du Kay

I made another short film and it’s out in the wild! It’s presented in the style of a children’s bedtime story and is about a rubber duck who leaves his bathtub homeland to go and live in the ‘big wide pond’ with the real ducks. The video is embedded into this post to watch above. This one I filmed with the help of my good friend James all in the space of one day in early April 2016 and it’s the first short film (of many, I hope!) that I made on my Panasonic GH4 with Samyang cine lenses.

In my ongoing quest to continually improve with these short films, this one has more of a narrative base than I’ve made in the past. The finished film is very close to the script that I wrote – although we had to improvise on the day for a couple of shots as the ducks were not as ravenous for bread as I initially anticipated!

The narration is performed by the very talented Shane Morris who I worked with via I fully recommend for anyone looking for voiceovers for their project – It was a quick, easy and pleasant experience and I’ll definitely be using the site again in the future. My wife Lucy also did a wonderful job of providing the cover art for the film.

I have bigger plans for more short films this year; with human actors, spoken dialogue and a wide variety of more ambitious stories and shots. I’m having such a great time writing, planning, filming, editing and composing for these short films – especially when friends who are helping me along the way bring as much boundless enthusiasm as I have to these little projects. It’s really awesome and I have high hopes for what the future is going to bring for more of these short films down the line.

Also as I have said before, as I work through every project (even this 5 minute short about a rubber duck whose name is essentially a pun), it gives me a deeper respect of how each component of filmmaking are a distinct art form in their own right and how even the smallest of projects have such a considerable amount of hard work, preparation and tenacity put into them. Thanks for watching!

Matt Javanshir