2018 TravelS

What an action packed year it's been so far! I wrapped up 2017 having written more music than in any other year before it. Some of it won't be heard for over a year (depending on the timelines of the various projects) but I'm really looking forward to it all being out in the world! I know quantity is not a barometer of quality, though it's still rewarding to have a consistent flow of output nonetheless.

At the end of January, my wife and I took a trip to the other side of the world and visited family and friends in Australia and had a road trip with some awesome friends in New Zealand too. We were travelling for around a month and it's the longest amount of time off either of us have had for nearly a decade. I had some of the most incredible experiences of my life on the trip. In Australia we visited (among other places) Brisbane, The Gold Coast, the Whitsundays (where we took a sea plane tour over the great barrier reef), Sydney, and the Blue Mountains. I took hundreds upon hundreds of photos but a couple are below. I also took an awful lot of video footage which I still need to edit together!

Visiting New Zealand was a wildly different but equally fantastic experience. We took a car (well, multiple cars actually.. don't forget to book your ferries from the North to South island!) and travelled from Auckland to Rotorua, Wellington, Nelson, Moteuka, Abel Tasman, Ross, Franz Josef, Queenstown and finally Christchurch (via Linidis Pass, Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo). The vistas were genuinely awe inspiring and so diverse that it was hard to believe they were all in the same country. I managed to take some footage of a selection of places and edit them together - I usually just placed the camera down and had it record in a fixed position. I didn't realise until I was watching the footage back that some of the environments were so serene it's hard to distinguish between a photograph and live footage. This video was shot on my GH4 using my Canon 24-125mm lens (it's a photography lens but still takes some nice video, especially in the style that I was filming anyway). I captured but a fraction of moments in this beautiful country. See the video above.

Before I left I also worked on a reel to showcase some my recent filmmaking work. It's embedded on the right. Upon returning I've continued feverishly composing away for various indie video game soundtracks such as Off And On Again and Particles (the music for which is now largely finished, if such a thing is possible!) as well a couple of as yet unannounced titles. I've also been involved in some exciting videography work which I'm looking forward to sharing in the months to come!

For various reasons, 2018 certainly has no intention of slowing down and I couldn't be happier about it.

Matt Javanshir