3.5mm is a short film made in 48 hours as an entry to the London 48 Hour Film Project. We had some prerequisites to include which consisted of a prop (Headphones), a character: Henry/Helen Flemming, a Connoisseur and the line “Don’t feel that you have to reply”. The genre we were given was Drama. Everything you see and hear was put together in 48 hours by our team ‘bigwidepond’.

Writer’s Block

A music composer lacks inspiration for his latest assignment, which is already past due. Writer’s Block was my entry to Shortlist’s ‘Bad Day at the Office’ 1 minute short film competition.

The Life & Times of Robert Du Kay

A rubber duck leaves the familiarity of his bathtub homeland to go and live in the ‘big wide pond’.


Tea Time

An unlucky soul cannot catch a break whilst trying to make a cup of tea.


Try Again

An original piano composition written and performed by myself.

Piano Improvisation

Improvising on my piano in May 2016.


Scottish Highlands

Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

This is a series of shots taken in and around Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, in and around the Yorkshire Dales. Some beautiful vistas and interesting colours as the weather changed throughout the day!

Exmoor National Park

This is a video of Exmoor National Park (UK) I took whilst hiking in August 2015.

This is a video of the Scottish Highlands I took whilst visiting in September 2016.