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Credit List


Video Games


- The Mars Agenda, Propulsion Games (2019)
- Off And On AgainGinger Biscuit Games (2018)
- Particles, David Andreev (2018)
- Eye Contact, Mythos Games (2018) 
- Set in Stone, Garrett Hoofman (2017)
- Guardian, Protector (Demo), Floating Island Games (2017)
- Launch PartyPropulsion Games (2017)
- Cloudbase PrimeFloating Island Games (2015)
- Projective, Possom Games (2015)
- Into Blue ValleyKuchalu (2014)
- Cat Cross, Kuchalu (2014)
- Delivery Outlaw, Mediatonic (2014)
- Turtleback Snap, Mediatonic (2013)
- The Trouble With RobotsDigital Chestnut (2012)
- Dr. Flix, David Shannon (2011)
- Squibs Arcade (Contributor), Alten8 (2009)


- Promotional Videos, Hampshire Police Cadets (2018)
- Young’s Seafood TV Adverts (Idents)Quiet Storm (2017)
- Launch Party Trailer, Propulsion Games (2017)
- Cloudbase Prime Trailer, Floating Island Games (2017)
- Off And On Again Trailer, Ginger Biscuit Games (2017)
- Royal Exchange Corporate Event, Square Up Media (2012)

Short Films

- The Spielmann Gambit (2017)
- Aurora (2017)
- Leave The Cave (2017)
- 3.5mm (2016)                    
- The Life and Times of Robert Du Kay (2016)
- Tea Time (2015)
- Writer’s Block (2015)
- A Walk (2014)


- Satellites, Original Album (2017)
- Pieces of Quiet, Original Album (2015)



I am a UK based composer who has provided music scores to video games, short films and television ads over a number of years. I love to challenge myself with all manner of genres and sounds (though the piano holds a special place in my heart!). I’ve worked closely with teams providing creative input throughout the various stages of a project, and also have extensive experience working entirely autonomously from conception to delivery.

Whilst there are many stock music sites available that offer perfectly serviceable and affordable off-the-shelf tracks, I truly believe that a thoughtfully and purposefully crafted original score has the ability to act as a powerful catalyst to enhance the impact of any creative project.


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