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Credit List


Video Games


- JARPUG, Floating Island Games (2019)
- The Mars Agenda, Propulsion Games (2019)
- Off And On AgainGinger Biscuit Games (2018)
- Particles, David Andreev (2018)
- Eye Contact, Mythos Games (2018) 
- Set in Stone, Garrett Hoofman (2017)
- Guardian, Protector (Demo), Floating Island Games (2017)
- Launch PartyPropulsion Games (2017)
- Cloudbase PrimeFloating Island Games (2015)
- Projective, Possom Games (2015)
- Into Blue ValleyKuchalu (2014)
- Cat Cross, Kuchalu (2014)
- Delivery Outlaw, Mediatonic (2014)
- Turtleback Snap, Mediatonic (2013)
- The Trouble With RobotsDigital Chestnut (2012)
- Dr. Flix, David Shannon (2011)
- Squibs Arcade (Contributor), Alten8 (2009)


- Promotional Videos, Hampshire Police Cadets (2018)
- Young’s Seafood TV Adverts (Idents)Quiet Storm (2017)
- Launch Party Trailer, Propulsion Games (2017)
- Cloudbase Prime Trailer, Floating Island Games (2017)
- Off And On Again Trailer, Ginger Biscuit Games (2017)
- Royal Exchange Corporate Event, Square Up Media (2012)

Short Films

- The Spielmann Gambit (2017)
- Aurora (2017)
- Leave The Cave (2017)
- 3.5mm (2016)                    
- The Life and Times of Robert Du Kay (2016)
- Tea Time (2015)
- Writer’s Block (2015)
- A Walk (2014)


- Satellites, Original Album (2017)



I am a UK based composer who has provided music scores to video games, short films and television ads over a number of years. I love to challenge myself with all manner of genres and sounds (though the piano holds a special place in my heart!). I’ve worked closely with teams providing creative input throughout the various stages of a project, and also have extensive experience working entirely autonomously from conception to delivery.

Whilst there are many stock music sites available that offer perfectly serviceable and affordable off-the-shelf tracks, I truly believe that a thoughtfully and purposefully crafted original score has the ability to act as a powerful catalyst to enhance the impact of any creative project.



“I had the pleasure of working with Matt Javanshir on one of the most challenging formats out there – idents. To work, the brief required Matt to create 5 different compositions that transition from mysterious to a familiar jingle in less than 10 seconds. Armed with endless patience Matt accommodated every single request, only to deliver amazing scores that worked beautifully with the ads themselves.

Having him on our team was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend working with him to anyone.”

Anna, Senior Creative (Quiet Storm)

“Matt’s proven to be a very skilled and imaginative composer. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope to have a project worthy of his skills again in the future. Matt delivered an excellent, varied and cohesive soundtrack that breathes a beautiful life into Cloudbase Prime’s strange journey.

Matt’s professional, friendly and very responsive to feedback. He deftly handled the various technical requirements of the projects we worked on together. Game soundtracks, trailer music, music to time travel to: he can do it all.“

Tyrus Peace (Floating Island Games)

“Matt has been great to work with on the development of OAOA.  He has patiently handled a developer (me) who had absolutely no clue on the audio direction for the game.  He has managed to coax requirements and build an amazing soundtrack that has received praise from other devs, on social media and at expos.

I'd highly recommend Matt to any other devs looking for someone to collaborate with on their projects.”

Tim Keenan (Ginger Biscuit Games)


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